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About Us

Raise a Super Smart Baby

Raise to Super Smart Baby is well researched program by doctors, therapists, educators, psychiatrist, nutritionist, audiologist, speech and language pathologist for your babies, which will focus on all aspect of baby growth through simple games and activities which will trigger the positive stimulus of the baby and remain in long term memory with them.


Your child will develop an advanced mind, a kind heart and an easy-going temperament. We provide you with up-to-date self-directed learning tools, coaching on what to do (and not do) for your baby.


There is no screen time, no pressure and no bench marking.

Red Head Baby

Our Mission

To nurture the unlimited abilities of each baby and making them Super Smart.

80% of the brain developed by the age of three  and producing more than a million neural connections per second. Through our highly researched learning program we try to make these connection strong.

Meet The Team

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