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Raise a Super Smart Baby
These are the most active & playful times of your baby's life – perfect for creating a lifelong love of learning. Raise a Super Smart Baby is designed to help you connect with your baby, develop powerful brain connections, and nurture their innate talents, potential and geniuses.
We help in complete development of the baby
  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Stablity

  • Skills

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  • Languages

  • Math & Logic

  • Reading

  • Knowledge

  • Memory

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  • Creative-thinking

  • Arts

  • Drama

  • Music

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Moral Code
  • Personality

  • Character

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  • Spirituality

  • Intuition

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  Rated 4.9/5  |   850+ Consultation

This is not baby's need, this is baby's future

Have you ever wondered why some people always led a smart, successful, healthy life? It's because they develop their fundamental skills and abilities while they're very small and then these qualities carry throughout their life.

You can also help your baby start developing amazing, unbelievable talents, right from birth without any pressure, with just normal daily activities!!

Raise to Super Smart Baby is well researched program by doctors, therapists, educators, psychiatrist, nutritionist, audiologist, speech and language pathologist for your babies, which will focus on all aspect of baby growth through simple games and activities which will trigger the positive stimulus of the baby and remain in long term memory with them. Your child will develop an advanced mind, a kind heart and an easy-going temperament. We provide you with up-to-date self-directed learning tools, coaching on what to do (and not do) for your baby,

Medium: Daily Activity will be shared on Whatsapp so that you don't need to think what to do and what not to do. Toys and Digital kit along with dedicated baby trainer will be provided.
Duration : 3 Month

Price: 2999Rs (4999Rs)

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Introducing "Raise a Super Smart Baby" Program!!

Parents of 0-3 years old babies can join the program
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30- day Learning Program

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By the age of 3, 80% of baby brain develops. So, start early to train your babies to bring out their smartness.

From the age of 3, synaptic pruning starts which removes lesser used neural connection while retain higher stimulated areas. The more the retention the more useful it is for baby. 

Stimulation with activities is a fun way to channelize baby’s energy into learning, as well as making the stimulus strong. Babies develop neural connections at the rate of 1 million per second.

Babies have immense learning capability in the first three years and it forms the foundation for lifelong learning. Parenting plays a pivotal role in unlocking a baby’s true potential.

          What we offer?

  • Daily age specific activity for the baby on WhatsApp. 

  • Dedicated baby trainer to track baby development. You will have easy access to her to ask your query, discuss about baby growth and share your experiences.

  • Digital kits which are required for the activity will be provided

  • Age specific toys (worth Rs 1999), which will help in proper development of the baby will be complementary with "Raise a Super Smart Baby program"


With this program not only will baby's grow up to have high IQ scores, but you will also see that they are more independent and achieve results faster than other babies while doing certain activities.

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Trusted by over 850+ Parents
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Warsha, Manager

I have a 7 month old boy and I am seeing amazing results already! For me it's not the money nor is it the result. What matters is I spend more time with my kid and I see my friends kids of same age hooked to the TV all the time!

Archana, Housewife

This course is no magic but a very very well researched and structured program which is a result of working closely with child development in a holistic way.

Customer Reviews

Shivani, Engineer

I have been following this program for past 9 months. I did not take this is up with an expectation to make my child a genius. What works for me is that there are thousands of activities and suggestions online. I don't have time to research what to do and what not to do. This program helps me structure the activities and touch different skills rather than sticking to 1 or 2. It saves me time and anxiety.

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  Rated 4.9/5  |   850+ Consultation

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What to Expect

  • Our revolutionary method quickly and gently teaches babies to crawl at 5 months (instead of 7 to 8 months) so they reach this milestone up to 2-3 month early. 

  • ​Walking at 8-9 months (instead of 12-14 months) - they enjoy the additional benefits of improved health, self reliance and athleticism for a lifetime. 

  • ​Reading at 24 months (instead of at 6 years) - for a lifetime of academic excellence

  • ​Beautiful singing at 24 months - Speaks early and beautifully

  • ​Using 200+ vocabulary by 30 months

  • ​Extraordinary memory, mental math, intelligence, creativity, and confidence!